Congratulations to Risch

The people of Idaho have a new governor – James Risch. It is an unusual situation which brings Risch to the office he’s studied for some thirty years. But we take time to celebrate his assumption of the office, to congratulate Vicki and him, because of his life-long commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us.

As a long time chief in the Idaho State Senate, Risch developed a solid record of leadership on pro-Life issues. For years, every pro-Life bill which came through the Senate was sponsored on the floor by Risch. He led debate and parried the attacks by pro-choice members of the Senate. That included a very tough debate on the proposed Ban of Partial Birth Abortions. (And, yes, they are taking place in Idaho).

While his tenure will be short, Risch will be the most socially conservative governor to serve in over forty years. We hope for some real improvements in the treatment of prenatal children during his time in office.

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