Women Ill-Served by Scientific Community and Government

You can add RU-486 to the list of threats to women being covered-up by our government and the scientific community. We talked last week about breast cancer and increased risk of premature births – now it seems the FDA continues to stall around on the risks posed by chemical abortions.

Despite the deaths of at least five American women following use of RU-486, the FDA told members of Congress that “we don’t yet know whether chemical abortions increase the probability of getting this often fatal infection.”

And they are certainly not prepared to pull the drug from the market.

One wonders: Exactly what is the job of the FDA? And how many women will have to die before “science” comes to their rescue? Without doubt the primary victims of legalized abortion are the tiny innocents; but women are themselves being sacrificed on the altar of feminist politics.

Their only hope comes from members of Congress who listened to that brain-damaged testimony.

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