2006 Primary Good for Babies & Families

The Primary Election is behind us. And there are many victories to celebrate. Pro-Life Idahoans showed up and helped beat back a concerted and richly-funded effort by liberals to overrun Idaho families under the cover of “Republicanism”.

At the top of the list is Bill Sali, who overcame substantial odds and powerful opponents to defeat Sheila Sorensen and the national “pro-choice” Republican movement. Phone calls were flying into Idaho from national abortion groups salivating over the prospect of electing a pro-choice Republican woman – in Idaho, of all places. It nearly worked.

While there will be grousing by the defeated for awhile – Sali is well positioned to win the seat this fall against a liberal Democrat.

We are also grateful for the victory of Tom Luna as state schools chief. Oddly enough, both IEA candidates for the post were defeated in the primaries. Perhaps they outwitted themselves by trying to calibrate a Democrat cross-over effort to elect Sorensen and Smylie. However it came about – Bert Marley’s defeat by an unknown bureaucrat in the Democrat Primary is a huge blessing. He can no longer plague our children as a member of the Idaho Senate.

We’ll have more to say about the elections next week.

In the meantime – let me express our gratitude to those of you who took the time to use your ballot as a shield for God’s little ones. And may the Lord bless you for your act of love.

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