Scientist Writes to Educate About ABC Link

There appeared a letter to the editor in the Idaho Statesman this week from Dr. Al Kertz out of St. Louis. It was almost missed because of all the political coverage – but Dr. Kertz has apparently noticed the recent debate in Idaho over linkages between abortion and breast cancer.

Dr. Kertz wrote to help educate Idahoans on the politics within the scientific community, and how often those politics confuse and delay honest efforts to reach the truth. He specifically chastised the National Cancer Institute for leading efforts to deny a link between abortion and breast cancer.

He tries to explain that science is often locked into bias. For example, it wasn’t until 1982 that researchers were able to prove that ulcers come bacteria – not stress. But it wasn’t until 2005 that those researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work.

Idaho’s Department of Health & Welfare has a duty to inform women and girls about the substantial body of scientific research showing an increased risk of breast cancer before they choose abortion. While the Department is not in a position to positively predict breast cancer for any particular person, and while it probably cannot endorse the ABC link given the current controversy – it should still take steps to ensure that Idaho’s daughters are aware of the controversy so they can make an intelligent and informed decision.

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