Will You Use Your Ballot?

Today is a potentially life-changing day for Idaho’s prenatal children. Those living today and those yet to be conceived. But that largely hinges on you.

It’s Primary Election Day in Idaho; our chance to support candidates who share our values – who appreciate the great Gift of Life and have shown a willingness to fight for the most vulnerable among us.

I know full well there are other important issues out there: taxes, schools, immigration. But my view is that Life is at the top of the agenda. If politicians can’t get that right, odds are much else is wrong with their philosophy and voting record.

But today is not about them, as much as it is about us. Today, moaning and complaining are out of place. Our right to vote gives us the means to clean house and empower righteous people with the public trust. Yet most voters won’t take advantage of that opportunity to set things right. Historically, something under 30% of eligible voters will bother to vote.

What about you? Will you use your ballot as a shield for babies that can’t defend themselves? I pray so.

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