Pro-Family Conservatives Must Unite Behind Sali

We are coming down to cases in tomorrow’s Republican Primary for Congress. Our best analysis is that the race is going to come down to the liberal Sheila Sorenson and the conservative, Bill Sali.

By rights, this should contest should not even be interesting enough to generate a headline. Without a fractured Republican vote, there is just no way that a pro-tax, pro-choice liberal could win the 1st District – no matter how rich she is. But the front-runner, Bill Sali, is being drained of crucial votes by a slew of candidates without hope of winning. Add an open call by Democrat leaders for a cross-over effort to elect Sheila, and you have a prescription for disaster. (See Bill Cope’s column in the latest Boise Weekly).

I had hopes that leaders like Skip Brandt and Norm Semanko would have stepped aside long ago to protect preborn children from Sorensen. Polling I’ve seen suggests that Brandt is winning about 1% of the vote, and Semanko somewhere in the range of 3%. But obviously that is too much to ask of candidates so embroiled in their own personal quests; we will have to do that hard work for them by not squandering our ballots.

Given the obvious dangers, it is imperative that pro-family conservatives unite behind Bill Sali in tomorrow’s primary.

Sali’s victory will help ensure that the Republican Party in Idaho adheres more closely to the values articulated in its Party Platform. By contrast, a cross-over victory by Sorensen means a more liberal, morally confused GOP. Her brand of liberalism will trickle down to the Legislature and even the county party organizations.

In tomorrow’s primary, a vote for Johnson, Brandt, Semanko or Vasquez translates into direct support for a more liberal politics in Idaho and the nation. Sorensen’s victory will engender a terrible betrayal of our kids and Idaho’s preborn children.

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