Russ Fulcher Has Earned Our Trust

Another crucial race for pro-Lifers is the primary contest in District 21 – around Kuna. State Senator Russ Fulcher has earned our respect and support, long before he entered the senate. Fulcher has championed Biblical principles as the foundation for good public policy – particularly in the area of protecting God’s gift of life.

He is being challenged by a wealthy, largely unknown candidate, Steve Ricks. Mr. Ricks is a retired lawyer who may be pro-Life. The problem is that we have no idea where he stands on any of the crucial issues facing Idaho, since he has refused to answer our candidate questionnaire.

By contrast, Russ Fulcher has been there for many years, helping to carry the load. This past session, he pressed hard to regain a strong parental consent law – and will, no doubt, help us get the job done next session.

We urge pro-Lifers in District 21 to return Russ Fulcher to the Senate. He shares our commitment to defending preborn children; his skills and intelligence make Russ a very effective legislator.

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