Phil Hart Deserves Reelection

Wayne Meyer is again running for the Legislature up in Coeur d’Alene. If he wasn’t so dangerous to preborn children – it would just be plain boring. This is the third time he’s challenged Rep. Phil Hart, and we’re praying he loses again.

Meyer served for a time in the Legislature – and built a pure pro-abort record. He opposes Parental Consent for teenage abortions; voted against a Ban of Partial Birth Abortions. Meyer is so radical that he even voted to force taxpayers to pay for abortions on demand.

In the 2003 legislative session, Meyer cast the deciding vote to protect Planned Parenthood’s tax funding as a member of the Joint Finance & Appropriations Committee. Planned Parenthood is Idaho’s leading abortion provider.

By contrast, Phil Hart is a strong pro-Life champion. The preborn children of Idaho need Hart back in the Legislature. Not only does he appreciate the sanctity of human life- Hart respects the family. Parents will find in him a champion for their right to care for and protect their children.

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