Irene Gans for the House

One of Idaho’s crucial pro-Life races being waged is in Nampa. Pro-Life champion Irene Gans is challenging an entrenched incumbent – WW “Bill” Deal. He now serves as Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee – and is one of premier “insiders” at the Capitol.

Deal’s most outrageous vote came in 2001 – when he opposed our bill to end tax-funding of abortions. He said we lacked “compassion”. But what of the dead baby? Who weeps for him? And how is it “compassionate” to facilitate a woman’s abortion? Where will legislators like Bill Deal be when the woman finds herself alone with the guilt and remorse of motherhood discarded?

Bill Deal now hopes to be the next Speaker. His campaign finance report shows he’s the pick of the inside hacks, and big money is flowing. Part of the reason for the big power play among the lobby corps is Deal’s hostility to the agenda of social agenda; most of those folks believe that the Legislature’s only proper agenda is facilitating their clients and lobbyists’ wallets.

We urge Nampans in southeast Canyon County to support Irene Gans.


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