Tom Luna for State Superintendent

With a week to go before Idaho’s Primary Election, it is time to talk about some of the more important races.

Idaho Chooses Life has endorsed Tom Luna in the State Superintendent’s race. He faces a primary challenge from Boise’s Steve Smylie, a member of the state teacher’s union.

Tom is a conservative Republican, and will introduce welcome changes into our public schools. This race is among the most important pro-Life race in next Tuesday’s election.

It is through the public schools that many of kids are introduced to Planned Parenthood, and educated in the ways of so-called “sexual liberation”. We need Tom Luna elected to help protect our kids from the moral corruption of Planned Parenthood.

His election will bring about a serious climate change within the State Department of Education, headed for some eight years by a liberal Democrat. Marilyn Howard’s pro-abortion politics were confirmed last fall when she keynoted an address to the Idaho Women’s Network on abortion.


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