Abortion Industry Pro-Abortion, Not Pro-Woman

As national pro-abortion groups come into Idaho to campaign for Sheila Sorensen in the Congressional race – it is important to fully grasp what these groups stand for.

Sorensen claims she is not “pro-abortion” – but, rather, “pro-choice”. This has been the mantra of the Abortion Industry since the ‘60s. But is that true?

A troubling situation in Michigan throws the light on their true agenda. Pro-abortion forces, led by the ACLU, oppose legislation to protect women and girls from forced abortions. The proposed law would simply require abortionists to ask a woman if she was being pressured by a third party into getting an abortion. If so, the abortionist would be required to inform the woman that such pressure is illegal.

Pro-choice? Or just pro-abortion and pro-profit?

Yet another example that the Abortion Industry is no friend to women. And politicians like Sorensen who continue to press “abortion rights” are selling other women down the river.


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