Virginia Case Demonstrates Our Insanity

A story out of Virginia demonstrates just how twisted the law has become, how much ground we’ve given – in order to accommodate legalized abortion on demand.

A mother shot her baby on the day she was to give birth, killing him in the womb. The paper reports that she “shot herself” – but that was only incidental to the crime. Local prosecuting attorneys were seeking to charge her with his death. But a judge just dismissed the charges.

Regardless of when or how – our current law stands fully behind a woman’s right to kill her own child until he or she manages to escape the womb.

You hear a story like this and shake your head; for a moment your heart aches. We want to condemn that woman – and rightfully so. But this story is a mirror into what America has become. We are apparently willing to tolerate such outrage as part of our “new and improved” civilization. The actual subject of this story is not the woman, but you and I.

We live with a base standard of conduct that our grandparents would have recognized as barbaric, well beneath the vision of humanity which once propelled this nation toward greatness.


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