Pregnancy Center Bill Splits ACLU

Believe it or not, pregnancy centers are under assault in Congress. The abortion industry is upset about the effectiveness of these operations in offering women an alternative to killing their babies. Congressman Carolyn Maloney of New York has sponsored a bill that would prohibit pregnancy centers from engaging in “false advertising”.

She has provided no example of false advertising, but would require that advertising by pregnancy centers be regulated by the Federal Trade Commission.

Fortunately, the legislation has caused a fairly serious rift within the ranks of the ACLU. While staff lawyers have determined that her bill is constitutional, some board members oppose the bill because it amounts to a serious interference with the First Amendment rights of these centers of mercy.

In a fascinating insight into the current politics within an organization still known as a defender of free speech – Vivian Berger, General Counsel of the ACLU, admitted to a New York paper that its traditional support of the First Amendment could be trumped by its deeper commitment to abortion rights.

Hopefully the bill will go nowhere. But we’ll keep you informed.


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