Dean Issues Veiled Threat Against Churches

The liberal leader of the Democrat Party, Howard Dean, is on something of a secular jihad against the Christian community. Late last month Dean issued what amounts to a threat: the Christian community, especially those in our pulpits, had better be quiet about politics – or face a massive tax penalty.

Of course, we couldn’t disagree with Howard Dean more strongly. There has never been a greater need for Christian influence in our culture and politics. With the stakes for our children so large in this month’s Primary Election – Christians must take their duty to vote most seriously.

Dean’s threat of retribution is due to the obvious fact that active Christians are the greatest threat to his pro-abortion agenda.

Historically, outspoken Christian leaders were crucial advocates of liberty prior to the American Revolution; they played a pivotal role in awakening America to the evils of racism and they will be the key players in leading America out of the bondage of legalized abortion.

While Dean and other liberals mischaracterize Christianity as hostile to freedom and personal liberty – history demonstrates quite the opposite. The problem is that modern liberals confuse personal liberty and responsibility with license.

Let us resolve to defy Dr. Dean by sending responsible conservatives to Washington and Boise.


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