Congressional Candidates Should Have to Confront Judiciary’s Threat

One of the great – if largely ignored -- issues of this current battle for the congressional seat is how Congress is failing to check the judiciary. One candidate wants to sue farmers for hiring migrant labor; another hangs out with fancy liberals in New York. But who talks about tackling a judiciary which threatens our system of self-government?

Consider Judge George Greer in Florida. He recently blasted the legislature there for interfering with his power over Terri Schiavo’s life. In his view, only enlightened judges such as himself should dare exercise such life-and-death power.

LifeNews.Com reports that Greer gave a speech at a bioethics forum sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania. He claimed state legislators are unable to make quality decisions about important issues surrounding medical treatment for the disabled or terminally ill.

So who should make public policy? Unelected judges with an unbelievable sense of their own superiority? That, my friends, is a dangerous world. And but one example of an elite class running rough-shod over the principles of constitutional government.

Before this primary is over - let’s force these congressional candidates to talk with us about the growing crisis of our court system before we cast our votes.


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