Sheila Sorensen: Agent of Old Time Feminism

Nathan Tabor writes for a conservative blog called “The Conservative Voice”. In a recent column he asserts, “The Feminist Furor Has Finally Passed”. He optimistically reports that, “After years of holding America a virtual hostage, old fashioned radical feminism appears to be just about dead.”

As authority he cites liberal columnist Maureen Dowd. She writes in a recent book that, “It’s the season of prim, stay-in-the-background First Lady Laura Bush, not assertive two-for-the-price-of-one First Lady Hillary.”

Certainly we can hope. But there is ample evidence, even here in conservative Idaho, that feminism remains alive and virulent.

Witness the challenge being mounted by Sheila Sorensen for the 1st Congressional District. She is not merely hanging in there as a candidate – she is on a mission to reform the Idaho Republican Party. She wants it to embrace abortion; open it to the Homosexual Agenda, make it friendlier to unions. In short, Sorensen is a true believer on a mission.

As long as there are Sheila Sorensens out there – feminism remains a serious threat to our families.


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