Planned Parenthood Throws Party at New Killing Center

Planned Parenthood had a big party yesterday at its new abortuary in Boise. In a flier distributed through campuses and emails, Planned Parenthood invited all comers to join them in celebrating the 1st anniversary of its elegant new building on State Street.

They passed out bags of free condoms, and free “Morning After Pills” to all the party goers. There was a raffle to win free birth control pills for a year!

We can’t tell you whether they offered tours of their killing rooms – but we can assure you that there was a gala cake-cutting ceremony at noon.

It is difficult to imagine having a party to celebrate the birth of a new killing center in Idaho, but, then, we’re not them. I know the folks at Planned Parenthood will take great offense at the suggestion, but I can’t help but think of the Auschwitz commandant offering to bring the local citizens in for a tour.

We must pray for those running Planned Parenthood – and for those in the community who blindly support their mission of destruction.


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