Planned Parenthood Lives in Denial

Planned Parenthood was disrobed in the Idaho Statesman this week. No doubt that was not the reporter’s intention. But we gain a powerful insight into the care with which Planned Parenthood treats women.

But in a piece discussing the modest amendments made to Idaho’s Informed Consent Law this past session – the Statesman became the first paper to confirm that Planned Parenthood is now doing abortions in its Boise office.

But there’s more: Planned Parenthood’s Rebecca Poedy dismissed all the talk about abortion risks – and declared that abortion was as safe as getting a root canal. Really? This supposed “woman’s rights” group lives in denial. What about medical journal articles about increased risk of premature births? Or breast cancer? Or the New Zealand study on greater rates of depression among girls aborting their babies?

Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

It is such cavalier attitudes among America’s abortion providers that require state governments to intervene on behalf of women and girls considering abortion.


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