American Life League Calls on All Pro-Lifers to Help in South Dakota

There is a crucial footnote to yesterday’s story about Colorado being the first state to liberalize its abortion laws – back in 1967.

Colorado Right to Life bemoans their state’s role in leading the nation toward industrialized destruction of our children. They also commend the effort in South Dakota to defend an abortion ban, passed by the Legislature this winter. (South Dakota has a referendum process).

That is in contrast to their national office. Some pro-Lifers believe that it is simply not the right time to launch a frontal assault on Roe. They urge patience. But that reasoning fails to take into account the fact that we don’t yet know how the Abortion Regime will fall. No one does. Based on yesterday’s review of abortion history – it is more than arguable that Colorado, California, New York and Hawaii led the Supreme Court into protecting abortion. Thus, it may be that a state will play a crucial role in leading us back out of the dark tunnel.

Leslie Hanks, Vice President of Colorado Right to Life, rightly said that South Dakota citizens should be very proud of their elected officials.

We need to help. The American Life League is calling on all pro-Lifers to donate time and money to help beat Planned Parenthood’s attempt at repealing the law. Please visit their website.


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