Will Idaho’s Next Speaker be “Pro-Choice”?

May 23rd – Primary Election Day – is coming around the corner like a train. And the consequences for our future will be profound. As we mentioned before, there are some 30 legislative contests raging across the state; 21 in the House.

Those House races in particular are of immense importance to the pro-Life movement. Most of those elected at the Primary will choose the next Speaker of the House. It is the most important single vote they will cast. There are two announced candidates – one who has a strong pro-Life record, Lawerence Denney of Midvale. In fact, we gave him our Friend for Life Award a few years ago. He is challenged by Bill Deal – who has a ‘D’ grade on pro-Life issues. Deal even fought to keep paying for abortions with your tax dollar in the 2001 session.

We don’t get to vote for the Speaker. So it is crucial for you to ask your local Republican House candidates whether they intend to support the pro-Life Denney, or help elect Idaho’s first openly pro-choice Speaker.


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