Michigan Republicans Back Life Measure While RTL Opposes

Very curious doings in Michigan: A petition drive is underway to put a measure on the fall ballot which would prohibit all abortions except those to save a mother’s life, a very rare situation. That measure has just been unanimously endorsed by the Michigan Republican Party. One of the key backers of the initiative, Cal Zastrow, commended the GOP – saying they were being faithful to the Party Platform.

No doubt that is a major boost. What makes this all so curious is the fact that Michigan Right to Life is actively opposing the effort – on the theory that the timing for such a ban is “bad”.

In response, Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, with whom we are affiliated, has written the President of Michigan Right to Life, asking for a meeting. In the letter, Mrs. Brown calls their opposition “very sad”. Indeed. Mrs. Brown goes on to say to that it is her fervent hope that ALL and RTL can come to agreement on the petition effort.

Let us pray for the success of that meeting.


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