Liberals Rewrite First Amendment

A rather curious event took place at Northern Kentucky University last week. A professor of literature there, Dr. Sally Jacobsen, led students into destroying a pro-Life display on campus. She called the display of white crosses, “silly” according to LifeNews.Com. And then she went on to defend her actions as a matter of her first amendment rights. More specifically, she called the display a “slap in the face” to post-abortive women.

That, of course, justifies everything: Suppression of free speech by pro-Lifers, vandalism of private property and violation of the university’s commitment to free inquiry.

This incident has connection to the emotional blackmail by House Democrats a couple weeks ago, when Rep. Bill Sali attempted to discuss the mountain of research linking breast cancer to abortion. Democrats stopped debate by claiming they were “upset” and walking out.

It is clear liberals have rewritten the 1st Amendment: When they are emotionally upset, or offended, they have the “right” to prevent others from speaking. This is the kind of thinking behind national efforts to criminalize certain kinds of political speech. And it is another example of the strong fascist impulses at work on the Left.


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