Planned Parenthood Fights to Keep Illegal Money

Planned Parenthood is under assault in Missouri. The Legislature passed a law several years ago shutting down state money to any entity that performed abortions. But Planned Parenthood, addicted to the tax drug, managed to get its hands on public funding anyway.

Its partner in this scam of Missouri taxpayers was the state Department of Health and Senior Services – which apparently gave Planned Parenthood a grant in defiance of the new law.

It fell to a private citizen, Daniel Shipley, to file suit to get the money back. The people won: A circuit judge ordered Planned Parenthood to repay $668,850 – plus 9% annual interest. The total comes to something like $900,000. Even for an organization of such immense wealth – this has got to hurt.

Planned Parenthood has appealed to the State Supreme Court – which heard arguments last week. Part of its argument was that a private citizen didn’t have the right to sue, at least with respect to recovering the money.

We’ll keep you informed.


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