Fathers’ Grief Over Abortion

One of the greatest feats of the Feminist Movement has been to turn abortion into a “woman’s issue”. Biologically, emotionally, spiritually – that is just bunk, of course. But lies repeated often enough have a funny way of becoming touchstones of a culture.

So we live in a time when abortion can be shielded by the righteous indignation of oppressed women, even though the majority of public support for abortion license comes from men in their twenty and thirties.

Kenny Rogers has just released a new album, entitled Water and Bridges. In it, he sings a song about a father’s regret over aborting his son.

One line sounds, “If a father could hold his son, I could undo what’s been done, but I guess everyone is living with water and bridges.”

Rogers goes on to sing, “I was so young, so was she. Life didn’t stay a mystery for very long. We could do no wrong. Then she called, said she was late. So we took a little drive upstate an’ took care of that. Yeah, just took care of that.

“But now I’m longin’ back at some of my decisions…it’s much too late to change.”

I am one of those millions of fathers who grieve for the destruction of our children at the abortion mill. We must claim our children and grieve for them.


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