Big Challenges in Primary Election

Now that the disappointing 2006 legislative session has whimpered to a close, attention immediately turns to the fast-approaching Primary Election. It is May 23rd, less than 6 weeks from now.

And the challenge for the pro-Life movement is great. There are 29 legislative primaries building steam. Twenty House seats are being contested, with primaries underway for eight Senate seats. (That seems like an historically high figure). The victors, especially in the House races, will determine the next Speaker. That will have a decisive impact on whether we can get the ball rolling again for preborn babies and their families.

We’re also looking at crucial primaries for Congress and state schools chief.

The pro-Life community must get involved. We have the ability and opportunity to play decisive roles in building Idaho’s future. Such opportunities will not soon come around again.

You may also be interested to learn that there are only 2 contested races out of some 39 district court judgeships on the ballot. This is a powerful testament to the stability of Idaho’s judiciary – and a devastating rebuttal to those in the legal and political community who would strip Idaho voters of our ability to cast ballots for our judges. The simple and obvious truth is that the vast majority of judges are rarely, if ever, challenged.


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