South Korean Government Now Seeks Children

Oops. On our way to making money, gaining political power, seeking fulfillment of self – we forgot to make children to take our place in the national economy once we’re old.

That’s the upshot of South Korea’s new policy. After 40 years of discouraging people from having children – the government realizes it has a serious under-population problem. After slaughtering millions of innocents through legalized abortion – South Korea has awakened to the fact that it now has the world’s fastest aging population.

According to LifeNews.Com, South Korea regularly received some 1 million new children each year until abortion was legalized in 1973; the number of births last year was just 476,000.

It will spend some $20 billion to treat infertility and pay health care costs for families willing to have more than two children.

We could ridicule these gross policy mistakes – but America has long been on a similar path. Like most western nations, America is seeing a declining homogenous birthrate. That is already having an impact on our political, cultural and economic life.

So while we should study the South Korea situation for a look into our future – I think its important to deeply consider the philosophy underlying the South Korea government’s actions – both now and earlier.

One remembers watching newsreels about the Nazi era. Hitler and his co-conspirators encouraged the building of an Aryan Race. Children became a mere part of the State’s five and ten year plan for building economic and military power.

So, while we take note of the fact that South Korea has apparently loosened its hostility to new babies – there is nothing in the story to suggest that the country has found repentance. It is not considering restrictions on abortion, it is not searching for a new value system – which places human life in a privileged category. Rather, it appears to be the same bureaucrats merely adjusting their formulas to correct for previous production errors.

If that be so, then it is nearly foregone that South Korea will continue to suffer from a prideful disregard for God’s order.


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