Pro-Abort Antics in the House

There have been other strange events surrounding consideration of SB1482, which offer amendments to Idaho’s Informed Consent law. The House passed the bill overwhelmingly Monday, but not before great melodrama about the threat of breast cancer and abortion.

If possible, things continue to get even stranger.

Julie Lynde of the Cornerstone Institute has been distancing herself from Rep. Bill Sali’s call to give women information about the risk of breast cancer before they commit abortion. Lynde told reporters she doesn’t believe scientific research backs the link.

That happened last year as well, after Rep. Ann Rydalch introduced HB196. That bill specifically required the State of Idaho to ensure that women were made aware of the massive body of research regarding the linkage between abortion and breast cancer.

Concerned Women for America has a summary of that scientific research on its website:

  • 29 of 38 epidemiological studies found increased breast cancer risk
  • 13 of 15 American studies found increased risk
  • One study, by Dr. Janet Dahling of Seattle, found that teenage girls are 800% more likely to get breast cancer after a first-pregnancy abortion.

Cornerstone’s own website talks about some of those very studies.

Every credible pro-Life group I know of has been fighting for years to arm women and girls with this essential knowledge, and Sali should be lauded for standing up. After all, the pro-Life movement should be as concerned about women as we are preborn children.

That battle is made more difficult by the intimate political connections between pro-abort groups like Planned Parenthood and much of the medical establishment. There is the further complication of raw greed: Breast Cancer has become a very profitable industry. There is plenty of “green reason” for various organizations to lead a propaganda effort against research proving a link.

No doubt the abortion industry draws great succor from Mrs. Lynde’s public comments.


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