Pro-Abort Antics in the House

The House “debate” over the Informed Consent bill has been, to say the least, pretty bizarre. On Friday morning, Democrats protested that they were “upset” by the suggestion that research exists out here showing a causal link between abortion and breast cancer; some were even offended. According to the Statesman report – a couple of pro-abort Democrats actually needed hankies.

These theatrics – encouraged by the sympathetic leadership of Speaker Bruce Newcomb – brought the whole House to a standstill. Rather than demand that Democrats get back to work and discuss these issues rationally, Newcomb launched his own name-calling tirade against Rep. Bill Sali. Beyond proving that these folks simply need to go home – the juvenile antics demonstrate the strange emotions which surface during abortion debates.

Adding to the bizarre nature of last week’s antics is the simple fact that SB 1482 is an extremely modest change to current law. It will most certainly not require that women and girls get information about breast cancer or most other risks associated with abortion, for that matter. It may improve the distribution system of state materials to abortion-minded women – but even that remains to be seen.

In point of fact, it is difficult to call SB 1482 a “pro-Life” bill at all. That can be surmised by the fact that such hard-core abortion advocates as Mike Burkett, Joe Stegner and Bob Ring have voted to support the amendments.

Idaho’s women need and deserve better, and the job to provide them with thorough and reliable information about abortion is not yet finished.


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