Pro-Abort Violence Rising?

Apparently frustration is pretty high among the pro-abort crowd these days. A few weeks ago, a woman ran into a pro-Lifer with her car while folks protested the new Planned Parenthood office in Nampa. It’s my understanding that criminal charges have been filed in that matter.

Now we read that George Tiller – the infamous late term abortionist in Kansas – has run into a pro-Lifer protester there with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. After hitting the pro-Lifer, Tiller sped away. Let’s hope this doesn’t signal a new season of violence against pro-Lifers.

The incident comes as Tiller is facing calls for a grand jury investigation into Tiller’s role in the death of a woman after she underwent an abortion of her late-term baby. The woman was just 19 years old and it is believed she died from sepsis.

Strange enough, these incidents seem to get very little media attention; and you can be certain that if “pro-choicers” were being victimized by such violence – we would all be inundated with self-righteous speeches by talking heads.


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