Legal Fees as a Political Weapon

There’s more to be said about the matter of the legal fees awarded to Planned Parenthood as a result of their lawsuit against the families of Idaho, their challenge of Idaho’s Parental Consent Law.

No doubt about it: $380 grand is a lot of money. And it is painful, very painful, to know that this money will be used by these people to finance their next attack on Idaho’s families and preborn children.

But there are some in the Statehouse and media using those fees as an excuse to do nothing; to allow Planned Parenthood free access to our children. That is simply unacceptable. There are even some happily using the fees as a weapon against the pro-Life movement and champions like Bill Sali.

To those people, I offer this challenge: How much is a baby’s life worth? And how much should we spend to protect a vulnerable 13-year old girl from predators like Planned Parenthood?

During the four-plus years that our children were protected by a model Parental Consent Law, teenage abortions dropped. That means hundreds of babies are alive today in someone’s living room. And that means hundreds of young women without the dark burden of an abortion history. How do you put a price tag on that?

There’s been loose talk about Sali’s leadership on this issue over the past decade – mostly from people who haven’t lifted a finger to help. Now that Sali is a congressional candidate, it seems any cheap shot from the peanut gallery is fair. But the truth is, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into developing Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. We sought advice from nationally-prominent pro-Life attorneys, from several deputies in the Attorney General’s office over two administrations; and from the Governor’s own Legal Counsel – no legal slouch in his own right.

And the simple truth is this: We have federal judges here and in San Francisco who are hostile to the values of Idaho families. They believe that the United States Constitution empowers them to thwart the will of the people. And they further believe that this hallowed document makes it a crime to protect teenage girls from criminal predators or to ensure that their parents know when they have undergone emergency abortions.

How do you reason with such radicalism from the federal bench?

The truth is, you can’t. So we may have to sacrifice those girls in the hope of protecting the majority – but let’s tell the truth about where the real problem lay: The problem with Idaho’s Parental Consent Law is not Bill Sali or the pro-Life movement, but with federal judges who are apparently free to pervert the Constitution to suit their personal feelings.

That problem can only be solved by a Congress willing to do its duty to check judicial abuse.


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