Planned Parenthood Masters Kid-to-Kid Marketing

Life Dynamics reports that Planned Parenthood in San Francisco is using new gimmicks to lure children into their offices. Fliers are going around area schools, offering free movie tickets and a new i-Pod for kids who tell their friends about Planned Parenthood – but only if those friends actually go in to Planned Parenthood for an appointment.

Condoms, abortions, pamphlets on alternative sexual practices – those are the goods on sale at Planned Parenthood. Is it not creepy that kids are being used to troll for other kids?

These tactics are of particular concern for Idaho families given the new Planned Parenthood clinics near high schools in Nampa and Twin Falls. How long will it be before these marketing scams are imported into Idaho?

Parents ought to be duly alarmed about manipulating na´ve kids into becoming marketing agents for Planned Parenthood; we have all experienced the power of peer pressure, and the wizards at Planned Parenthood are expanding their efforts to harness it to entrap the innocent.


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