ALL Finds Abortuaries on Sioux Land Part of Larger Strategy

Yesterday’s strange story about a Sioux Indian chieftess offering Planned Parenthood sanctuary on reservation land to perform abortions has a follow-up. Apparently this development is part of a larger plan by the Abortion Industry to continue doing abortions – even if the Supreme Court outlaws the practice.

The American Life League reports that Planned Parenthood and others have been preparing for the day when the Roe era comes crashing down. A special meeting of some 15 western state Planned Parenthood directors was held in April of 2004 to develop strategies for delivering abortion after Roe. They see reservations and ships offshore as killing grounds; they are also planning facilities just across the Canadian border.

This report provides further evidence of Planned Parenthood’s radicalism in the pursuit of its self-righteous belief that women have the right to kill their own children – and a hint as to the lengths to which they will go if confronted with a banishment of legal abortion from the land.

Make no mistake: The Abortion Industry will not go away without an historic and bloody battle.


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