Pro-Abort Sioux Chieftain Welcomes Planned Parenthood

There is fascinating news from South Dakota. A female Indian Chief from Pine Ridge has announced that she will open an abortion business on reservation land if the South Dakota abortion ban is upheld. Cecilia Fire Thunder has condemned the ban, and believes that a Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Indian land would be legal.

South Dakota Attorney General Larry Long disputes some of her contentions.

He believes that state law would apply on tribal lands – unless the abortion practitioner is a Native American. The criminal sanctions in South Dakota do not apply to women, only to abortionists. Thus, white women getting abortions on the Sioux Indian Reservation would not be subject to prosecution in any event.

Ms. Fire Thunder told reporters she may even donate the land in order to help Planned Parenthood establish the facility.

LifeNews.Com reports that only one abortion facility currently operates in South Dakota, a mill operated by Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls.


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