Planned Parenthood Calls Friends to Nampa

Tomorrow promises to be a rather tense day in downtown Nampa. Planned Parenthood is working hard to bring out abortion cheerleaders to support their new operation across from the Nampa High School. It is the first part-time clinic under a program called “Planned Parenthood Without Walls”, designed to expand the hunting grounds of this nefarious organization.

For now, it is open the first Saturday of each month. And the first two days saw a strong contingent of pro-Lifers from the community protesting.

I’ve seen an email from Planned Parenthood asking their supporters to come out and answer the pro-Life community. Planned Parenthood staff will provide signs and pro-Planned Parenthood regalia. Maybe they’ll use those “I Had an Abortion” t-Shirts.

Anyway – please pray for our Pro-Life friends. Pray that the counter-demonstration is peaceful, and that the hearts of Planned Parenthood partisans are touched by Lord’s grace.

Thanks for listening. This news update is brought to you by Idaho Chooses Life.


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