Abortion Bills Get “Dissed” By AG – Again

Two important bills are now awaiting hearing in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

SB1482 would tighten Idaho’s Informed Consent Law. That is the law which requires abortionists to provide women with material on the risks of abortion – and places they can go to get help if they choose to give their babies life. Sometimes this legislation is called “Right to Know” because women looking at abortion have a right to know the facts before they commit the act.

The other bill is SB1483. This legislation restores Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. We must pass this bill in order to guarantee that girls have the protection of their parents when dealing with an abortion.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Attorney General’s office delivered its verdict: both bills still need work, more tweaks, some additional refinement. And it just so happens that these analyses, which raise issues heretofore not articulated by the Attorney General’s office, play well into the hands of those in the Legislature who have little interest in protecting girls, families or preborn children.

While we agree that it’s important to be careful in preparing for certain court challenges – it is equally vital that we do not allow fear of Planned Parenthood and their courts to drive us to inaction. Frankly it seems strange that we do not yet have a favorable opinion from the AG’s office, given our effort to enact legislation based upon Arizona – language already upheld by the nation’s most liberal court. They’ve had many weeks to study various drafts – and some six years of litigation history around parental consent issues. Yet questions continue to multiply.

It is well past time for strong legislative leadership.

We need you to call your state senators today at 1-800-626-0471. Ask them to make sure these bills get passed before the legislature ends. (In the Boise area, you can use the local number: 332-1000.

Thanks for your help.


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