Planned Parenthood Announced It Will Finally Follow FDA

We mentioned last week that two more deaths have been attributed to RU-486, the Abortion Pill. What we didn’t get into was the fact that these women died after receiving the pills from Planned Parenthood. In fact, it is my understanding that virtually all the deaths of American women have been linked to Planned Parenthood.

One possible reason is that Planned Parenthood has refused to abide by the FDA’s directions. For years it has been telling women to use the second drug vaginally – perhaps because it seems more convenient. But after eight deaths, the national offices of Planned Parenthood have announced that “effective immediately” it will start giving the second drug orally.

One would like to think they might be motivated by concerns over women’s health; I suspect it has more to do with pending lawsuits. For those who think I am too cynical- I would point to the fact that Planned Parenthood and its various affiliates have consistently opposed the enactment of “Right to Know” statutes. These laws guarantee that women and girls receive solid information about the health risks of abortion.

The more you ponder that the more peculiar it is. After all, isn’t the abortion thing all about “empowering women”? So why the paternalism?

In any event, let us pray that Planned Parenthood is held to account for its treatment of these women victimized by the lie of “safe and easy abortion”.


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