Idaho Legislature Considers Two Pro-Life Bills

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee is scheduled to give preliminary consideration to two pro-Life bills today.

The first strengthens Idaho’s Informed Consent Law – a law which requires all women and girls considering abortion to get information about the risks of abortion. Women are supposed to have a 24-hour waiting period to reconsider. And they are supposed to get phone numbers of public and private agencies able and willing to help them deal with an unexpected pregnancy. But current law is not working well.

The other bill would fix our Parental Consent Law, since the current law has been blocked by Clinton-appointed Judge Lynn Winmill.

We expect the bills to be considered in more detail next week. Calls to members of the Senate State Affairs Committee would be very helpful. Senators need to know you want them to fix Parental Consent before they end this legislative session. Use the toll-free number, 1-800-626-0471 and simply leave them a message.

Idaho’ daughters deserve protection.


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