Mississippi Abortion Ban in Trouble

We mentioned that South Dakota was not alone in seeking a way to challenge Roe v. Wade. During the National Governor’s Conference, Mississippi’s Haley Barbour indicated he wanted to sign a law banning abortion in his state as well.

Such legislation has already passed the Mississippi House on a 94-25 vote. Reports are that the Senate in that state is even more pro-Life. But as of now – the legislation appears to be dead. This bizarre turn is all too characteristic of legislative battles around abortion.

The Senate leadership in Mississippi wants different language from the House. I suspect this is the result of back-door lobbying by some pro-Life groups, who do not want to see a frontal assault on Roe, claiming the time for such a move is “not right”.

Meanwhile – calls to Idaho legislators are still needed to spring loose our Parental Consent bill. You can reach your state senator and two representatives by calling 1-800-626-0471. There is still time in this legislative session to restore protections for Idaho daughters.

Let us resolve that they will not be sacrificed in the all-too-frequent legislative machinations, whereby many politicians can claim to be “pro-Life” without being required by their constituents to deliver the goods.


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