Risch Will Be a Good Governor

The political news at the capitol is momentous and will be reverberating for some time. Governor Kempthorne’s appointment as the new Secretary of Interior is an important development in itself for the people of Idaho.

Lt. Governor Jim Risch will soon be Governor Risch. He is probably the most experienced person to ever hold that position. And that long record includes an admirable and unblemished list of contributions to the pro-Life movement. For decades he led the fight on the Senate floor for every pro-Life bill considered by the Legislature, including the fight to Ban on Partial Birth Abortions.

I shared his disappointment as he announced he would not seek the governorship for a full term.

As a full-term governor, I have no doubt that he would have provided invaluable leadership on a range of issues – including protection of preborn children and women from the plague of abortion. But I suspect we will see some of that moral leadership come to bear even in the months he will serve as Idaho’s 31st Governor.

It is a rather strange future facing Risch – running for Lt. Governor while serving as Governor. And he will have a real campaign to run this fall, as former Democrat Congressman Larry LaRocco has announced he will challenge Risch for Lt. Governor. It is a race he should win.

On the up side, Risch’s decision to run for re-election means that we will continue to benefit from his experience and moral leadership in state government for years to come. That is a good thing.

Our congratulations to Governor Kempthorne on the high honor he has received from the President. Our prayers go with him and his family. And may the Lord bless the Risch Administration.


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