Abortion Rights Group Seeks to Put SD Measure on Ballot

Abortion politics in South Dakota is getting hotter. We talked last week about the possibility that Planned Parenthood might use a referendum strategy to defeat the abortion ban – rather than going to court. It is an interesting strategy – especially since they could still go to federal court if they lose at the ballot.

But now, another pro-abort group has trumped their options. An outfit called “The Basic Abortion Rights Network” out of Wisconsin has filed a petition to refer the ban to the ballot. And Planned Parenthood is apparently not happy, fearing that the out-of-state group will fail to get 17,000 signatures by June 19. Very interesting.

Kate Looby, Director of South Dakota Planned Parenthood, told media they knew nothing about the “Basic Abortion Rights Network” or its plans to run a campaign against the ban.

Pro-Life leader Leslee Unruh predicts that if the referendum succeeds – a majority of South Dakota residents will stand up for God’s little ones. LifeNews.Com reports her as saying, “This out-of-state effort to refer this new law, designed to protect women and children, will launch a public debate that will expose the deception of abortion-rights supporters concerning women’s rights, women’s health and their own pro-abortion interests.”

Let us be in prayer for the people of South Dakota.


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