Ministry Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Idaho Chooses Life marked its 10th Anniversary last night in Boise with a reception for pro-Life legislators. There was a crowd of great folks there and it was good to recount the battles waged over those years – the Ban on Tax Funded Abortions; the fight to end tax-support for Planned Parenthood, and Noah’s Law. There have been many frustrations and some real victories. It was a moment to take stock of the many times the Lord has carried us through tough times. More than once in those years He has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

That history gives us strength in our current battle to regain an effective Parental Consent Law for Idaho’s daughters. Many in the Legislature are hoping they can simply run down the clock, using denial as a kind of political strategy – while girls continue to be destroyed by the Abortion Industry.

Personally, I pray for the year when we can close our doors because preborn children have been welcomed back into the human family.

We also announced our endorsement of Bill Sali for Congress. That decision was based upon many years of working with Sali, shoulder to shoulder in the Legislature on crucial issues like Parental Consent. We’ll talk more about his record next week.


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