Planned Parenthood Considers Ballot to Beat Abortion Ban

Without doubt, the most momentous pro-Life event this year is out of South Dakota. The passage of a law directly challenging Roe v. Wade has sparked a prairie fire across the nation; or perhaps we can better appreciate it as a flare up of that fire. Millions of pro-Lifers have reached the point of frustration with the simple “chipping-away” strategy employed by the pro-Life establishment for three decades. That strategy has, for certain, saved many lives. But the vast abortion apparatus remains in place.

I believe Planned Parenthood appreciates the fact that a grassroots revolt is spreading across Middle America. In response, they are apparently considering a referendum campaign in South Dakota, rather than a quick legal challenge of the abortion ban in our liberal courts. And if they pull it off, getting a majority of South Dakota voters to reject the abortion ban would be a great way to pour water on the fire.

If the Abortion Lobby pursues that electoral strategy, it will be incumbent upon the entire pro-Life movement to help defend God’s little ones in South Dakota. We’ll keep you abreast.


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