A Tragic Failure of Leadership

Today’s pro-Life headline is the continuing failure of the Idaho Legislature to address critical pro-Life issues. Some in leadership positions have apparently decided to simply run out the clock on the pro-Life movement.

Thus, no bill to fix to Parental Consent has yet been considered. Without quick action, girls and families will continue for at least another year without protection. I spoke this past weekend with a grieving mother who found out her 13-year old daughter has just had an abortion. Planned Parenthood officials told her they could not discuss the situation – or the fact that they have been giving this child birth control pills for some time.

The tragedy is that fixing Parental Consent would take all of about 4 hours. And it will save hundreds of babies. Is it really possible that these politicians in Boise are so busy that they cannot give just four hours to uphold parental authority for hundreds of Idaho families in the next year alone?

Call your legislator today. You can use the local number at 332-1000. Or the toll-free number, 1-800-626-0471.

The receptionists will be happy to tell you who is (hopefully) representing you in the Idaho Legislature. Simply call and leave a message: “Please fix our Parental Consent Law before you leave Boise”.

In addition, and most importantly, we ask for your prayers. These human tragedies can be averted by our state leaders. Pray they find the heart to use their power for the least powerful among us.


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