The Fascist Impulse in the Abortion Movement

We mentioned last week the impulse of the radical left in America when discussing the Abortion Lobby’s pressure on Wal-Mart to tow the mark on providing the Morning After Pill in all their stores. That is just one example. The twenty year lawsuit against Joe Scheidler is another: They tried to bankrupt his pro-Life group, and his family, by claiming damages under the Racketeering Act. Fortunately, it appears that the Supreme Court has finally put an end to that particular nonsense.

Here is yet another: The Abortion Lobby in the United States is using international tribunals to force governments into legalizing abortion. The latest victim is Mexico – a heavily Catholic people. The Center for Reproductive Law & Policy filed a lawsuit against Mexico in something called the “Inter-American Commission on Human Rights”. This is part of a sophisticated operation to use international law as a means of gaining world-wide recognition of abortion as a “fundamental human right”.

In the Abortion Lobby’s opening gambit against Mexico – these American feminists demanded that Mexico legalize abortion in the case of rape. Under the threat of international sanction – the Mexican government has caved.

The feminists at the Center for Reproductive Rights are ecstatic. “This is the most important legal victory for women in Mexico in a decade,” said Luisa Cabal, Director. “It is the first time a Latin American government has acknowledged access to legal abortion is a human right.”

A related example of still more oppression from the Left: This same group is working in Europe to strip doctors and other medical professionals of the right to exercise their conscience. Refusing to abort babies because on moral grounds could soon get doctors sent to jail in some European nations.

The Abortion Lobby wants more than tolerance for legalized abortion; they want our minds and hearts as well, and will continue to press their agenda – by force, if necessary.


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