Dutch Official Calls for Forced Abortions

Here is a very creepy glimpse into our potential future:

A health official in the Netherlands has publicly called for laws allowing forced abortion, sterilization and contraception as part of an intensified campaign to eliminate unwanted children.

As if that were not bad enough, Marianne van den Anker is particularly interested in targeting two ethnic minorities in her nation – the Antilleans and the Arubans – because she believes they have the most serious problem with unwanted children. Ms. Van den Anker is a mother of two children and the official in charge of Rotterdam’s health and security ministries. In an interview with a Dutch paper, she also contended that her approach was a viable strategy for reducing child abuse.

As a public official, she says, she has done everything she can think of to reduce child abuse and neglect; but “I fail, I fail,” she says.

To sweeten the pot, this woman argues that forced abortions in targeted communities would also help solve the growing problem of youth gangs.

Hopefully this kind of thinking shocks you. But what should really disturb you is not the rantings of some Dutch official. It is the fact that this kind of talk appears to be part of a larger resurgence of the eugenics movement. Much of the embryonic stem cell debate, human engineering, cloning and even legalized abortion have deep roots in a philosophy once dominant in America. Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger was among the most notorious apostles of human engineering to solve social problems.

Many important people in America – like the Rockefeller family – wholeheartedly embraced her philosophy as the key to a perfect society. Under pressure by such notables, many states actually adopted forced sterilization for targeted populations deemed unfit.

While van den Anker’s statements would repulse the vast majority of Americans, we are on the path, with our continued tolerance for legalized abortion, to a day when such talk will be delivered by credible American policy makers.


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