NY Times Plays Loose With the Truth

As you know, we are battling at the Idaho Legislature to ensure that our Parental Consent Law is restored, that protections for Idaho daughters are put back in place – actions necessary because of far-fetched rulings by federal judges bent on imposing their social values on Idaho families.

As that struggle for Idaho families intensifies, a new controversy is brewing over a report in the New York Times about the impact of Parental Consent on abortion rates. The headline in this left-wing bugle reads, “Scant Drop Seen in Abortion Rate if Parents Are Told”. Well, now, that is pretty depressing.

Undoubtedly that is the intent behind the article – to discourage pro-Life groups from pressing forward to uphold parental authority and build safeguards for our children and grandchildren. According to the New York Times, parental notice laws had no discernable impact on abortion rates.

Well that is not the impact we saw in Idaho during the four years that our law was effective. In fact, we saw about a 30% drop in the teenage abortion rate.

LifeNews.Com cited a more comprehensive, and presumably less biased, study by Dr. Michael New this January. He analyzed abortion data for nearly every state from 1985 to 1999. On average, abortions in states with parental consent laws drop by about 10%.

That translates into thousands of children given the gift of life; and thousands of girls who do not have to carry the burden of an abortion history through the rest of their lives. Even for those girls who do abort – they will have help in carrying the burden. Part of the reality of teenage abortions performed behind the backs of parents is the immense burden which befalls immature minds and hearts.


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