Wal-Mart Caves to Planned Parenthood Extortion

We have previously offered a praise report of Wal-Mart’s efforts to stand up against the Abortion Lobby. They were the only national pharmacy chain not selling the “Morning After Pill” – a supposed emergency contraception that sometimes causes abortion.

Planned Parenthood in particular has been waging an intense campaign in key states to force Wal-Mart into carrying the drugs. They have gained the support of powerful pro-abort politicians in New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Those states have already abused their police powers by forcing Wal-Mart to carry the drug. Those same states have also come down hard on pharmacists who refuse to violate their medical oath by giving a death-causing drug.

In their sordid campaign, Planned Parenthood has worked closely with allies in the labor movement to discredit and vilify Wal-Mart. The labor unions, of course, are interested in forcing Wal-Mart into unionizing its employees; Planned Parenthood is happy to take their money in order to wage war until Wal-Mart enters the abortion business.

I am sad to report that Wal-Mart has decided to reverse course and give-in to the extortion.

Last week, corporate officials announced they would being carrying the “Morning After Pill” in all their stores in the nation before the end of the month.

Wal-Mart complained they foresaw more states dragging them through expensive legal and administrative proceedings as Planned Parenthood flexed its considerable political muscle.

The company will attempt to retain some dignity by upholding its “conscience clause”, that allows pharmacists to adhere to their medical oath in refusing to dispense the drug.

This is certainly a sad turn of events for preborn children, and a sure sign of the growing fascist instincts of America’s radical left.


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