Pro-Life Champions Rise Up Across the Nation

As we record this update, there is still no definitive word from South Dakota on the Abortion Ban passed by the state Legislature. But there were encouraging words in a press statement by Governor Mike Rounds while he was in DC last week for the National Governor’s Conference. Rounds told media that he has had numerous private conversations with other governors. Some of them have expressed support for the strategy being pursued by South Dakota in the great struggle against abortion.

There were no names given, but one of them was certainly Haley Barbour of Mississippi. He told the Associated Press that he would be likely to sign a bill banning most abortions in his home state. And, in fact, legislation to that effect is moving forward. It has passed the state House of Representatives and will soon be taken up by the Senate.

Frankly, this is very exciting news. As I’ve said before—these first confrontations with Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court may well be turned back by the courts. But there is a march for justice that is building across Middle America. Millions of people have simply had a belly full of liberal judges imposing their will on the nation; and they are getting angry enough to do something about it.

For example, similar abortion bans are being proposed this winter in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee.

There is also a campaign going on in Michigan. Our dear friends there, organized as “Michigan Chooses Life” are pressing legislators to move on a South Dakota-type bill. And, failing that -- they are organizing to force the issue by going directly to the people.

These are hopeful signs for America and the Republic. At play here is not only a strong defense of the preborn child – but a revolt of sorts against the judicial oligarchy that has, for too long, imposed its will on a shamed a resentful nation.

May God bless these efforts.


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