Parental Consent Law Needs Legislative Attention

The Idaho Legislature is moving steadily toward adjournment, and will begin setting budgets soon – a sure sign that the end is just over that hill.

But there is one crucial issue that has yet to receive legislative attention. Idaho’s Parental Consent Law needs amending in order to answer the ruling issued by federal Judge Lynn Winmill last year. Since then, our daughters have been without protection from the abortion industry.

We need you to call your legislators today and tomorrow to insist that they fix Parental Consent before leaving. You can reach them at 1-800-626-0471.

In the four years that the law protected girls – abortions dropped by some 30%. The lives of babies and girls are at stake, which is why we need your immediate help.

The battle for Parental Consent in Idaho has been going on since 1997. There are some in the Legislature inclined to simply throw in the towel. But that would mean surrendering our children to Planned Parenthood’s agenda. And that is simply not acceptable.

Beyond the fact that this law upholds a crucial principle of parental authority, we must recognize the serious consequences for girls left to deal with a crisis pregnancy on their own.

We have already talked about the New Zealand research on girls and the dramatic impact abortion has on their lives. By using the actual medical records of hundreds of girls, this research team proved beyond dispute the high risk post-abortive girls run for depression, drug abuse and suicidal behavior. For example, 79% of girls who had had an abortion experienced serious problems with depression.

That is a lot of suffering that can easily lead girls into deeper trouble as they search for ways to cope.

Please call your legislator today.


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