Update on RU-486

There is a battle raging in Australia over the introduction of the Abortion Pill – RU-486. Their national legislature just stripped the Health Minister of his authority to block the drug from entering his nation. The debate comes just as the American Congress is engaged in an investigation of the serious health risks associated with using the drug.

In addition, the Food & Drug Administration has announced that it will convene a panel of national experts to investigate complications associated with RU-486. The investigation follows the deaths of four American women, including Holly Patterson of California.

Back in Australia, pro-aborts celebrated their legislative victory in opening their country to the dark blessing of the Abortion Pill.

In response, Tony Abbott, the Australian Health Minister, has announced a proposal to spend some $60 million in the next five years to provide pregnant women with counseling services designed to help them find solid alternatives to abortion. Among other initiatives is a 24-hour hotline, where women can not only find practical help but emotional support during their pregnancy.

Prime Minister John Howard has announced his support for the initiative, saying that he is interested in supporting strategies designed to reduce the number of abortions in Australia.

That is tremendous news, and leadership worth emulating here in the U.S.A.

In a rather ironic and hopeful turn of events, several major pharmaceutical companies have announced that they have no intention of marketing RU-486 in Australia. They said getting into the new market would be expensive. But more importantly – these companies are not interested in a pitched battle with Australia’s pro-Life movement.


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